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For over 20 years, The Tree Corp has been professionally clearing lots and land in the greater Highland and Waterford MI areas. We're known for our prompt and affordable services, expert attention to detail, and dedication to staying on the job - from start to finish. Our team goes into each job with a safety first attitude. No project is started without considering the safety of the crew, the safety of your home, and the safety of the properties around the job site. We are very proud to say that we have a zero-incident safety record!

We're fully insured, and offer full tree services. We have the crew and equipment to provide a complete lot clearing or removal of trees for your new development or addition. We take great care and caution when it comes to protecting your property and our employees. Not all tree service companies will protect you (or your investments) from an incident. If you hire a company that does not have the proper coverage, you could be held liable for injury or damage occurring during the service. The Tree Corp has all the necessary coverage to keep us all protected from unexpected incident.

Lot Clearing Services in Pontiac, MI

Reclaim your useful land! If your property is being zoned for a buildout, or you're a homeowner with an upcoming landscaping project - call The Tree Corp for a FREE quote on land clearing. The jobs that we bid on are both big and small, and they're for both residential and commercial lot clearing. Our professional crew will quickly and safely remove trees, shrubs, stumps, debris, saplings, and much more from your site. We will go beneath the surface to remove or grind the roots, and turn the earth into useful dirt.

Shrub Removal

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If you are ready to start a landscaping project but need a section of shrubs removed call us. You'll be surprised how deep and outstretched shrub roots grow. It's easy enough to cut them down, but what you are left with is root infested dirt- making it difficult to plant or maintain a healthy new garden. You can try digging them out or pulling them out with a truck hitch but chances are you'll destroy your lawn before the stump comes out. Not to mention, most city services won't pick up shrubs from your curb. Call The Tree Corp. We have the proper equipment to quickly remove your shrubs, grind the roots, and take the debris with us.

We're also a full-service tree service company offering:

Don't just take our word for it! See what our satisfied customers have to say about our lot clearing services!

"What a terrific job you performed at our house last week, we were so impressed! The crew actually arrived when they said they were going to (first thing in the morning) and in two hours they had felled two trees, picked up all the branches, and blown all the leaves away-including our neighbor's yard. We were dreading this experience to tell the truth, but you and your very polite crew were excellent."
- Lorraine & Sid J. Highland, MI
"Enclosed you will find a check for the work for the work you performed. I appreciate your help in this matter and would not hesitate to recommend your service to any other homeowners in the Elizabeth Woods II Condo Subdivision. "
- Richard H. Highland, MI